Single-Copy Photo Prints From An InkJet Printer For $5, Shipped

The other day I printed out a lightly-processed video game screenshot on my new inkjet printer, and it felt good to memorialize that moment in ink and paper. For $5, I'll do the same for you.

That $5 includes shipping. I will take (practically) any legal, appropriately-sized, image you want to send, print it on 4x6-inch photo paper on my HP Envy 6255, hand address a 100% recyclable photo mailer, and send it to you. Currently continental US-only, sorry. The queue is limited to 5 print-outs per week, total. If there is no button below, there is no space in the queue this week.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Isn't $5 expensive for a single sheet of photo paper?

A: It sure is. That's how much a slowgram costs, though.

Q: Why would anyone do this?

A: I don't know. Whimsy? Maybe it's nice to get something in the mail still, while we have a functioning mail system. Send your friend a goofy little bespoke keepsake from some guy, that sort of thing.

Q: Why would YOU do this?

I think there's room for a "gig economy" where the workers have the power, and the software that powers this site is a small example I'm working on to help facilitate that. Plus, maybe it's nice to mail people things. Maybe I did the math and $5 is the break-even price for a single sheet of fancy printer paper, ink usage, recyclable photo mailer, my time hand-addressing each envelope, and US postage.

Q: What kind of photo paper are you using?

A: Right now we're using HP Photo Premium Paper, and our 100% recycled paper photo mailers from from JAM Paper.

Q: OK. What'd you use to make this site?

A: Django. Postgres. Stripe. Coda. That's the gist of it.

Payments processed securely by Stripe. SLOWGRAM is an Extra Future joint. Bespoke as hell. Contact @philnelson if you need to.